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Summary: Just register with a valid e-mail address. You'll receive an email with subject "Validate your account on morgellonswiki.info", Click on the link where it says "In order to activate your account, please follow this link." Then login and start editing in 'Drafts'

What is Morgellons? Where can I find out more about it

If you're wondering what Morgellons is, or you're looking for reliable information published by leading practitioners, See these sites:

For more information on Morgellons, see the following papers published in major medical journals:

Even in major medical journals, there's a lot of published BS so be sure to avoid these fine purveyors of medical quackery!

Latest information on morgellons:

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After you register with a valid e-mail address. You should receive email with subject "Validate your account on morgellonswiki.info" - Click on the link where it says "In order to activate your account, please follow this link." Then log-in with your account, please use the 'Drafts' folder for any public proposals or subtopics you want to write about. If you prefer developing your document(s) in private, use the 'DraftsPrivate' space, which can only be viewed by registered, logged-in users. Both these "spaces" are writable by all registered users that have logged-in. However this is not the wild-west (or Wikipedia): note that editorial control of irrelevant content, shameless marketing & spam will be strictly enforced!

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